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Head 2 Toe Massage – Indian Head Massage Diploma (Champissage)
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Indian Head Massage Diploma (Champissage)

3 Day Intensive Course – LCICI

About Indian Head Massage (Champissage)
Indian Head Massage is one of the most popular and accessible therapies available today.  A Treatment includes massage of the upper body – back/shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, face, also energy balancing. Indian Head Massage is unique is – a treatment is short, convenient, accessible and effective.  There is no need for clients to undress, and the use of oil is optional at the end of a treatment.  

A professional Indian Head Massage treatment can have a
profound effect on the body and emotions.  A treatment can be used to
relieve conditions such as headaches, hair loss, dandruff, muscular
tension in upper body, sinus problems, as well as lifting depression,
promoting restful sleep and relieving stress. 

Course Tutors
Caroline Bray, Lesley Hart, Lisa Kennedy, Maggie McActeer, Barbara McAteer, Vandana Mendonca

Aims and structure
comprehensive three-day course provides students with the opportunity to
achieve a professional standard of competence in the art of Indian Head
Massage and promotes the confidence needed to work effectively with
clients. The syllabus includes:

Techniques include
effleurage, friction, kneading, petrissage, percussion, compression,
pressure points and other specialised techniques. New massage skills are
taught on each of the three days, plus time to refine and consolidate

Includes history,
contraindications, benefits, hair care and the use of oils, headaches,
stress, client consultation, chakra energy, study of the relevant

Exam and case studies
Following the course, students are required to do 5 case studies and a practical and written exam (multiple choice). 

This course is registered with the Complementary Medication Association (CMA), and is valid for 20 CPD points. 

Who is eligible
Anyone may attend
this 3-day course. The course is suitable for students new to massage
and qualified therapists who wish to learn a new skill. 

Dates  Contact us for info on
forthcoming dates at venues listed below, for training at your
premsies and availablity of one-to-one tuition.